Rousseau Storage Advantages:

Rousseau Metal Products 
Create More Space, Greater Organization, and Worker Efficiency

Rousseau Advantages

Organizing Industry One Customer at a Time!!

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Rousseau Modular Cabinets

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Increase Your Storage Options
Here is why
Rousseau is the Premiere Choice for:

Parts Storage of All Types

Product Flexibility is the Key


For Medium Density
Parts Storage

A: Shelving units on floor level only. Air space above shelving left untouched.


Upper Level
Shelving Mezzanine

For High Density
Shelf Storage

A: Multi-Level Shelving 
Storage with Units
on Lower 
and Upper Level


Shelving and Drawers

For High Density Drawer and Medium Density Shelf Storage

A: High Density Parts Storage with small parts in drawers and oversized parts on shelves along with tire racks in background.


Shelving Drawers and Mezzanine

For High Density Drawer and High Density Shelf Storage

A: Shelving and Drawer Storage lower level, Shelving Storage on Upper Level


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